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HANTEMP Control Valves – Stainless Steel Valves – RECCOUSA

Designed to meet the unique demands of industrial users that rely on their refrigeration systems for everyday operations, HANTEMP Control
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Refrigeration Engineering Design – Cold Storage Distribution

The five most important considerations in providing cold storage refrigeration for our clients are the same as those in most of RECCO's installations: performance, reliability, safety, operating cost savings and ease of maintenance.
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Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P & ID)

RECCO can develop the P&ID's necessary for the proper maintenance, control and integrity of your industrial refrigeration or commercial refrigeration system.
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Energy Efficiency

Your need to keep operating and maintenance costs low is a key focus for RECCO. We will assist you to obtain energy rebates for equipment installation and long term energy operating cost savings your projects.
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Food & Beverage Processing Facilities

The Food and Beverage industry accounts for a major portion of RECCO's business. RECCO understands that consistent, reliable and efficient equipment is critical to food and beverage manufacturing customers.
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About Recco

Founded in 1969, Refrigeration Engineering & Contraction Co., Inc. (RECCO), has built a solid foundation of skilled staff and loyal customers. Peter Comeau, Chief Executive Officer, joined the team in 1977. Eighteen years later, Peter and Lori Comeau purchased RECCO from its founders, Fred Antoon and William Hoover. Together they have worked hard to increase the professional skills of the entire staff and have searched for ways to improve the commercial refrigeration, and industrial refrigeration industry.

Keeping with its tradition of continuity and succession from within RECCO, in 2013 Gino Whooley, a long-term member of the Refrigeration Engineering team, joined Peter Comeau as Co-Owner. In his role as President of RECCO, Gino’s many years of refrigeration experience and his professional manner are widely recognized and respected throughout the commercial industrial refrigeration and industrial industry.

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