Mechanical Integrity Audit

If your facility uses an ammonia refrigeration system, then you understand the benefits and the dangers. While an efficient and cost-effective refrigerant, ammonia like natural gas poses dangers that are potentially catastrophic. It’s why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) employ such strict guidelines for ammonia usage in the workplace.

OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) Plan guidelines require that any facilities using ammonia refrigeration must conducta Mechanical Integrity Audit (MI Audit). A MI Audit must be conducted at least every five years. The MI Audit has many components, including an investigation of the piping and piping support system, valves, mechanical equipment, controls, pumps, emergency shut-down systems, the release system, ventilation systems as well as the facility’s evacuation plan.

RECCO can assist you with this detailed and often complicated inspection in addition to the evaluation of your ammonia refrigeration process systems and an ammonia release evacuation plan. RECCO can advise you of deficiencies outside of acceptable OSHA limits, recommend upgrades for your ammonia refrigeration system components and provide you with written proposals for necessary improvements.

Please contact RECCO today at 800-990-9423 by telephone or for assistance with the development of your Mechanical Integrity Audit Plan.

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