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RECCO has been providing top of the line commercial and industrial refrigeration and HVAC services since 1969. All RECCO journeyman, master technicians and pipe fitters have completed a minimum of five years apprentice training through a United Associations school as well as additional training through RECCO with specific manufacturers. Technicians also receive training for hazardous response operations. Our affiliation with the United Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration provides RECCO with trained technicians, welders and pipe fitters.

With over 45 years of commercial and industrial refrigeration engineering design experience and counting, RECCO’s team of engineers has the technical expertise to meet your needs. RECCO’s focus is on total system reliability and efficiency.

Experience in industrial refrigeration is not limited to food processing. RECCO has helped customers refrigerate chemicals, dyes, solids, pharmaceuticals and other types of products that enable clients to manufacture, test and perform vital research.

Regardless of the type of refrigerant, safety is always a concern. Safety comes first at RECCO. For this reason, our technicians are well trained in refrigerant safety handling and use. They are also equip to handle dangerous refrigerant leaks should the need arise.

There are many opportunities to reduce ice rink operating costs. Planning new facilities with proven refrigeration innovations is critical to being successful in the first years and for the remaining years of operation.

RECCO has earned a strong reputation for providing premier service to our customers. Whether it is the installation of new heating and air conditioning systems, or planned maintenance, service, repair and replacement of existing systems, RECCO provides a complete range of commercial HVAC services.

The Food and Beverage industry accounts for a major portion of RECCO’s business. RECCO understands that consistent, reliable and efficient equipment is critical to food and beverage manufacturing customers.

Your need to keep operating and maintenance costs low is a key focus for RECCO. We will assist you to obtain energy rebates for equipment installation and long term energy operating cost savings your projects.

RECCO can develop the P&ID’s necessary for the proper maintenance, control and integrity of your industrial refrigeration or commercial refrigeration system.

The five most important considerations in providing cold storage refrigeration for our clients are the same as those in most of RECCO’s installations: performance, reliability, safety, operating cost savings and ease of maintenance.

Designed to meet the unique demands of industrial users that rely on their refrigeration systems for everyday operations, HANTEMP Control

RECCO strives to continually enhance that education with regular advanced training courses, so that our technicians are up on all of the latest green and energy efficient technology. RECCO is proud to be one of only a few firms nationwide to be awarded the MSCA Star qualification and the very prestigious “Green Star” Energy Solutions Provider for the advanced knowledge and skills of our service technicians.

“Green Star” Energy Solutions Providers are constantly working to ensure that customers are being provided with the most energy efficient systems that are also environmentally friendly. Contact RECCO today to schedule one of our expert technicians to assist you with your facility service needs. Simply contact our customer service department by telephone 800-990-9423 or by email at . We are also available 24/7 by telephone at 781-3968780 for ammonia leaks, loss of service or to make an emergency appointment that cannot wait until regular business hours.

Clients past and present sing praises for RECCO’s excellent service.

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