Energy Efficiency

When it comes to utilization of heat, power and water resources, a majority of buildings operate at below optimal energy efficiency. One of our main goals at RECCO is to help businesses achieve optimal operating use reductions and cost control by conducting a complete energy audit of your facility. We will then work with you to design a more efficient and cost-effective refrigeration or HVAC system that will enable your company to achieve more energy-efficient plant retro-commissioning.

Our team of energy-efficiency experts has many years of experience. In addition to saving you money, we can also help you do your part in saving the environment by reducing your energy consumption. That’s a win-win-win for your business, customers and the world at large. Our efficient refrigeration systems can boost refrigeration energy efficiency, and our HVAC systems can do the same. Whether you choose to retrofit or streamline your system, your initial investment upfront can pay big long-term dividends.

Through the retro-commissioning process, RECCO will focus on energy-utilizing equipment, lighting, controls, refrigerant usage, a building audit, a review of past utility bills and interviews with the facility staff to best understand your operation and needs along with your usage patterns. Additionally, RECCO will perform diagnostic monitoring and functional tests to determine where repair and/or operational modifications can best be made. Through retesting and continual monitoring of building systems, RECCO will assist you in reaching your goal of restoring your building and mechanical systems to optimal performance while reducing energy load and assisting you with control of your operating costs.

RECCO has proven results in achieving energy efficiency and operating cost savings in a diverse arena of applications from office, hotel and institutional environments to schools, laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

Energy Rebates: 
Rebates for increased energy efficiency are available. These are also given for new refrigeration equipment and system installations that are environmentally friendly.

Contact RECCO today by telephone at 800-990-9423 or by email at to set up a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of your facility. We will help you find the most energy-efficient measures that will have your business’s commercial refrigeration or HVAC system operating at top capacity.


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