Food & Beverage Processing Facilities

A large portion of RECCO’s client base is made up of customers from food and beverage processing facilities. Commercial refrigeration was born out of the need to keep foods and beverages cold, dating all the way back to ancient times. Food and beverage manufacturers remain a vital and important component of RECCO’s client portfolio. We strive to provide our clients with consistent, reliable and energy-efficient refrigeration equipment to deploy in your manufacturing facilities and cold storage areas.



From the engineering and installation of the best industrial refrigeration system to the service and maintenance of complex industrial refrigeration systems, RECCO has the experience necessary to guide customers through a project from conception to installation and beyond. RECCO is with you every step of the way, providing service and maintenance to ensure that your food and beverage facilities are always running at the highest possible capacity. In addition to the outstanding service we offer, we are top refrigeration equipment suppliers and have all the replacement parts and equipment to do the job right the first time.

We design your food processing refrigeration systems to fulfill your specifications and assist you with maintaining compliance with USDA regulations and HCP voluntary standards. RECCO understands your need to produce a product that cooks, looks and tastes exactly as expected. In addition, your refrigeration system must maintain the proper environment for the duration of the required shelf life. We are here to help make sure that your refrigeration system performs exactly as designed to help your equipment run at peak efficiency and boost your business’s success.

RECCO has a long line of satisfied customers in the food and beverage industry that give us the highest compliment-continued business. Many of our clients have been with us more than 25 for years.

Contact our customer service department toll-free by telephone at 800-990-9423 or by email at to discuss your industrial refrigeration system options today. Our trained technicians will give you useful advice that will help your commercial refrigeration systems and business run better.

Recco is a great, highly skilled HVAC and refrigeration company. They have provided outstanding service to Blount for over fifteen years and we consider them one of our top business partners. – Blount Fine Foods, Inc.

We are writing to comment on the exceptional work performed by your technician. We were impressed with his communication skills, technical skills and his ability to get the job done. – Bake & Joy Foods

Recco has been an engineering and service partner in the success of our Marlborough manufacturing facility for twenty years. That relationship proved invaluable in the project execution that took place in a working warehouse that ships seven million pounds of product over a seven-day shipping schedule. I appreciate and applaud the efforts of all Recco personnel involved that allowed us to complete this project while continuing to meet our customer service demands.  – Ken’s Foods


Thanks for the phone call today, letting me know of where we stand with Frick and the compromised components in this panel.

For the record, the RECCO foreman is doing an outstanding job at the site. He’s professional, a straight shooter, and is on top of not only his crew’s work, but makes sure that the crew is following good workmanship practices and following all safety protocol. Jack has additionally reminded some of the other trades on the site as to what Ken’s Foods expects from a safety and good housekeeping standpoint. I spoke with him directly about his exemplary performance today, and told him that I’d love to work with him again.

Mike Kolakowski, CPE, Engineering Manager
Ken’s Foods

“Just a brief email letting you know about Lucas. His character, integrity, hard work, and willingness to listen is superior. It is a pleasure to have this person work with us at Kettle Cuisine, and hope the relationship continues to grow in the future.” – Alan Gilber, Kettle Cuisine

I have known Bob H. since he started in the business back in the early 80s. He is a fine worker and represents your company in the best manner possible. He is a hard-working individual who always goes above and beyond to help in any situation. He will always answer his phone and answer any questions put to him to the best of his knowledge.

You should be proud to have individuals like him working for your company. God knows in these times it’s had to find great workers that you can rely on. In the past year I have been here, he has helped out immensely and also helped me personally to understand our system here.”    

John Maccini
Maintenance Refrigeration Tech

Evan will be there shortly to diagnose the problem …

Ok. No worries. I’m sure Evan can get it working. I love that guy.

He does great work!
And he’s friendly.  He’s a good person to have on your team.


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