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Designed to meet the unique demands of industrial users that rely on their refrigeration systems for everyday operations, HANTEMP Control Valves are specially made to last longer than traditional forged steel valves. HANTEMP valves are made of high-quality stainless steel and are compatible with all of the most common types of cooling systems, including carbon dioxide and ammonia refrigeration systems. They are designed to resist corrosion caused by environmental factors as well as low-temperature embrittlement, which can be caused by exposure to common types of refrigerants and heat transfer liquids.



While cooling systems can vary widely from industry to industry, the average industrial refrigeration system will involve a combination of piping and valves that are located both inside and outside of the building. That means there will also be control valves inside and outside of the building. Some exterior valves will be exposed to the elements 24/7. These valves are particularly susceptible to environmental damages, including corrosion caused by exposure to rain, snow and other types of precipitation. To combat corrosion, HANTEMP valves are made of stainless steel. They are resistant to corrosion caused by environmental factors.  HANTEMP produces a wide variety of stainless steel valves for cooling systems including pressure regulator/solenoid modules, float switches, check valves, service ball valves (available with motors), stainless steel flanges and gauge/purge valves.

In addition to reducing corrosion and maintenance demands of the cooling system, HANTEMP Controls also help reduce operating costs by lowering the amount of energy required to operate the system. The valves are exceptionally strong and are capable of achieving 800 psgi working pressures. This allows for a low pressure drop to help reduce energy demands and lower operating costs. This cost reduction is significant, particularly in businesses that require large areas to be refrigerated, or for businesses that run refrigeration operations 24/7.

Compared to standard forged steel valves, HANTEMP Control Valves have a higher initial cost to purchase because they are made from higher quality materials. This increased upfront cost can be a deterrent to business owners, but the initial investment is offset by the longer useful life of the valves and reduced maintenance costs. Compared to forged steel valves, HANTEMP stainless steel valves are actually less expensive to use over the lifetime of the valve. Because the valves last longer, they will also need to be replaced less often, resulting in lowered maintenance and labor costs, as well as a significant reduction in cooling system downtimes and operational delays.

Choose HANTEMP Control Valves for use in your new cooling system or upgrade your existing system by switching forged steel valves to stainless steel HANTEMP temp control valves. The upgrade valves are a great investment for any business that relies heavily on an industrial cooling system. Choose from a wide variety of control valves and valve products, all made from durable stainless steel. Use your HANTEMP refrigeration service valves with any compatible cooling or heat transfer system, including ones ammonia refrigeration systems. For questions about HANTEMP Control Valves, please call us at 1-800-990-9(ICE).

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