Process Refrigeration Systems

RECCO has successfully worked with a broad range of clients utilizing various methods of process refrigeration to help them achieve their product manufacturing objectives. RECCO has helped customers during the various phases of their product manufacturing cycle to refrigerate chemicals, dyes, solids, pharmaceuticals and plastics as well as to create energy and power production. Industrial process refrigeration systems are used to manufacture, test and perform vital research. While food storage is a huge part of industrial refrigeration, it is only a sampling of what the refrigeration process is employed for. This highly complex system is most frequently used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and manufacturing industries. It is also used in industrial ice machines, appliances used directly in the generation of electricity and ice rinks.


Through the course of RECCO’s 45 years and counting in the refrigeration business, we have built industrial process refrigeration systems and performed numerous maintenance jobs including:

  • Chillers for maintaining critical temperature tolerances in manufacturing operation
  • Gas compression systems to boost natural gas line pressure for large energy producers
  • Refrigeration systems to pre-cool air intake streams for gas turbine power generator plants
  • Refrigeration systems to pre-cool CO2 systems

Whether your business requires precise cooling, chilling or freezing of non-foods or other industrial process refrigeration systems, RECCO can accommodate your needs. We work with all types and sizes of businesses to customize a refrigeration system that is cost effective and helps businesses succeed. In addition, our skilled team of experts always stays current with the EPA’s latest industrial process and commercial refrigeration regulations.

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The best compliment our clients can give us is a thank you for a job well done. Please see some of the wonderful words of thanks that RECCO has received over the years.

“I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You for working with us on the Blount Job .I commend you and your staff for superbly running the job. Our people loved working with Phil as he is knowledgeable, evenhanded, and organized. I know you are aware of the quality of your people but it is becoming rarer in today’s world to see a well-managed coordinate effort on projects. This certainly was one. Again Thanks.” 
Robert J. Silvia,  Process Engineers & Constructors, Inc.


Defense Contractor:


“I wanted to write you a short note to express my appreciation for all the efforts your team did for us at the job site. We’re ready to power up the antenna and the program is on schedule. This is entirely because your team was able to complete the work despite some very adverse conditions at that particular site. The work we will be doing here at the site is of great importance and you all should be proud that you contributed to the success of building this new test site.”

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