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Since 1969, RECCO has serviced all of New England and the Canadian Maritimes, providing refrigeration engineering design, construction, equipment installation and 24/7 refrigeration services. RECCO employs licensed service technicians, certified welders and pipe fitters. Many of our technicians have worked for RECCO for more than 15 years, gaining vast knowledge in the fields of industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and commercial HVAC. If extending the life of refrigeration plant or commercial HVAC systems is important to you, and you want to avoid costly, unexpected breakdowns, our trained staff can provide you peace of mind and help you avoid expensive problems.

We continue to provide our technicians with scheduled training programs to ensure that our team is always on top of the latest technologies and advancements in our industry. Our goal is and has always been to provide all of our valued clients with the most highly skilled technicians in the industry.

RECCO provides scheduled service, emergency service and planned maintenance agreements for our customers. We are available 24/7 and have 24-hour access to most major refrigeration supply houses in New England. RECCO’s service vans are stocked with many of the common items required to get a refrigeration system up and running in the event of an unscheduled shutdown or failure.

You can reach our knowledgeable and helpful customer service department by calling 800-990-9423 or by emailing If your facility experiences an emergency or has an issue that requires immediate attention that cannot wait until regular business hours, simply call 781-396-8780. RECCO is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

In order to help our clients promote sustainability, RECCO offers proactive maintenance programs designed to prevent unexpected system failures as well as extend the life of your equipment and reduce maintenance costs. You can choose from the following plans:


Regular maintenance of refrigeration system performance and parts is probably the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your commercial refrigeration system and avoid costly breakdowns. Preventive care is equally important for commercial HVAC systems to ensure they operate smoothly and at peak efficiency. Our planned maintenance agreements offer customized programs to meet the needs of your equipment, facility and budget. RECCO’s planned maintenance programs ensure proper operation and preservation of your building investment. Also, see our parts page for the specific parts we offer for sale. Keeping specialty parts readily available on your site is an excellent preventative measure, so be sure to stock up on crucial repair and maintenance parts here in advance. This practice also helps to avoid rush shipping fees and delays in providing plant service.


RECCO performs vibration analysis to evaluate the current conditions of your facility’s machines, diagnose faults associated with operational machines and monitor trending of the overall condition of machines over time. With the use of a state-of-the-art microlog analyzer, RECCO is able to monitor routes for vibration. This enables our technicians to predict potential system failures before they happen. Predicting failures in advance can substantially reduce costs by allowing you to make and plan for scheduled repairs, thus preventing further damage to surrounding machine parts. This preventative practice prolongs the life of the machines as well.


RECCO’s laser alignment equipment guarantees stable and reliable measurement values to assess accurately bearing, belt, sheave and pulley alignment. Corrections can be made on site to fix any misalignment. Using preventive and predictive maintenance reduces the wear on sheaves/pulleys, belts, bearings and seals while also reducing vibration and extending the life of the machine. Regular maintenance prevents costly breakdowns before they occur.


RECCO has technicians certified in the use of infrared imaging equipment who can diagnose problems in panels covered by insulation and in walls or other locations not visible to the naked eye.


RECCO performs a variety of inspection and testing services of your industrial refrigeration or commercial refrigeration system and related electrical system. We have all the necessary tools to assist with non-destructive testing.


Contact RECCO for an evaluation of your current Freon-based refrigeration system to determine the best option(s) for your plant. Some equipment can be successfully and efficiently retrofitted for use with newer synthetic replacements for Freon refrigerant. Other equipment may not have compatible retrofit parts, requiring conversion to equipment compatible with alternate refrigerants.

RECCO can help you minimize your capital cost outlay while assisting you with selecting refrigeration equipment alternatives that are less costly than a Freon-based refrigerant. We can help you to explore more efficient energy consumption options that will improve operations and save money.

Contact RECCO today to explore our numerous commercial refrigeration service and maintenance programs. Our experts are available to give you helpful advice via phone, email or our online question form. Let’s keep your refrigeration systems running at their highest and most productive levels.

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